From today’s reading in Tyndale’s One Year Chronological Bible dated 1/13:

Today we see a second example of great possessions causing family separation, first Abraham and Lot and now Jacob and Esau. Esau marries a Canaanite woman “and went to a country away from the presence of his brother Jacob. For their possessions were too great for them to dwell together, and the land where they were strangers could not support them because of their livestock. So Esau dwelt in Mount Seir. Esau is Edom.”

Remember the origin of the Canaanites? Ham’s cursed son Canaan. The Lord will warn the children of Israel not to intermarry with the Canaanites because it will lead them away from the Lord and into idolatry. We saw this in the beginning of the Story when Seth’s descendants began to intermarry with Cain’s descendants who were not walking with the Lord; overtime the hearts and minds of everyone became so wicked that God destroyed the earth by flood. Keep in mind that God’s instructions for His people are always for their good!

Ok, back to the genealogy. We learn that Edom (Esau) has kings before the Israelites (Jacob’s descendants). God’s desire since the garden has always been for his people to trust Him and walk by faith. But later in the Story, we will see the Israelites make another decision based on sight and ask for a king to rule over them like the people around them instead of trusting the Lord. Also, take note of King Amalek in Esau’s genealogy. The Amalekites (descendants of Esau) become notorious for attacking the Israelites. So God will tell the Israelites to wipe them off the face of the earth but will the Israelites obey? We will find out down the road. Keep reading! Tomorrow we get a peek into the lives of Joseph and Judah.

(Genesis 36:1-19, 1 Chronicles 1:35-37, Genesis 36:20-30, 1 Chronicles 1:38-42, Genesis 36:31-43, 1 Chronicles 1:43-2:2)

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