From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 12/29:

During this time of calamity when Satan is reigning, the Lord will send 2 witnesses who will pour God’s Word from their mouths and be indestructible until they finish their testimony. Then “the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them.” But 3 days later, God will raise them up to heaven.

Then John sees a vision of Christ being born and taken to heaven. Meanwhile a dragon, Satan, is attempting to devour Christ and destroy His mother but the Lord protects them. “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

“Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, ‘Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.’”

Then the people of the earth worship the beast, the Antichrist. “All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” And a
second beast will arise that will encourage everyone to worship the Antichrist.

However, God is still ultimately in control. “Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand, having His Father’s name written on their foreheads…These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These were redeemed from among men, being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb. And in their mouth was found no deceit, for they are without fault before the throne of God.”

Next John sees 3 angels who declare God’s judgment, the fall of Babylon, and the eternal torment of those who follow Satan. ”Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, ‘Write: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’”

We end today’s reading with a vision of Jesus harvesting the earth by gathering all His followers and throwing His enemies “into the great winepress of the wrath of God.”

More visions from the Lord tomorrow so keep reading.

(Revelation 11:1-14:20)


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