From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 6/15:

Today the Lord is going to take Elijah up to be with Him. Elijah strikes the Jordan and the water parts letting him and Elisha cross on dry ground, much like in the Exodus Era with Moses and the Red Sea and in the Conquest Era with Joshua and the Jordan.

Before Elijah is taken up he asks Elisha what can he do for him. Elisha says that he wants a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. Ok. So Elisha isn’t being greedy here. This is a common concept in the Old Testament. We read about it in the book of the law regarding the firstborn getting a double portion (Deut 22:17). We also saw that Hannah’s husband gave her a double portion bc of his love for her (1 Samuel 1:5). We will see that the Lord honors his request bc after Elijah is taken in a whirlwind up to heaven, Elisha parts the Jordan the same as Elijah had done. Elisha then goes on to perform more miracles. He heals the water of Jericho, pronounces a curse on mockers, provides oil for a poor widow and her sons, gives a Shunammite woman and her husband a child and brings that child back to life when he dies.

Matter of fact, there are 28 miracles performed by Elisha that are recorded in the Bible compared to Elijah’s 14 recorded miracles which is exactly double. How about that! 🤯

Tomorrow we meet some men suffering from leprosy. Keep reading to see how the Lord uses them and their affliction to accomplish His purposes.

(2 Kings 2:1-25, 2 Kings 4:1-44)

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