From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 4/30:

Today David has 2 major conflicts to settle and then ends with battling giants.

1) Judah escorts David back to Jerusalem which does not go over well with the other tribes who weren’t included in the escort. Conflict between the tribes begins and will continue throughout the Story. Sheba starts a revolt against David and David sends Amasa, the newly appointed head of army over Joab (2 Samuel 19:13), out to subdue Sheba. Joab must have not liked the demotion bc while in pursuit of Sheba, Joab shoves his sword in Amasa’s stomach killing him. 😳 Then the men follow Joab to the city where Sheba is. A wise woman talks Joab out of destroying the city in exchange for Sheba’s head. So Sheba’s head is chopped off and tossed over the wall which ends the revolt. Joab returns home as the commander of the army once again but David will not let Joab’s betrayal and murder go unpunished. As mentioned before, Solomon will be given orders regarding Joab.

2) Ok. So we read in Joshua 9 that the Gibeonites deceived Joshua and he made a covenant with them. Today we see how serious the Lord is about not breaking a covenant. There is a 3 year famine and David inquires of the Lord. The Lord says it is bc Saul attacked and killed the Gibeonites whom the Israelites were supposed to protect. David asks the Gibeonites how he can make things right with them and they ask for 7 of Saul’s sons to be handed over to be killed. So David gives them 7 of Saul’s sons but spares Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, bc of the oath he made with Jonathan. (The Mephibosheth that is handed over was another son of Saul’s with his concubine.) “After that God heeded the prayer for the land.”

The reading ends today with David and his men battling the Philistines where they take down 4 giants from Gath. Tomorrow David sings a song of praise to the Lord for the victories over his enemies. Keep reading.

(2 Samuel 19:31-20:26, Psalm 7, 2 Samuel 21:1-22, 1 Chronicles 20:4-8)

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