From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 3/25:

Today the 5 kings of the Amorites, descendants of Canaan, gather together to make war against the Gibeonites in response to the covenant they made with Israel. The men of Gibeon ask Joshua for help. The Lord told Joshua that He would give him victory and He does so in an unusual way such as He did with the battle of Jericho. God rains hailstorms down on the enemy and holds the sun still until the battle is over and “the people had revenge upon their enemies”.

After the victory, the Israelites go on to conquer the other southern cities and then the Northern Territory of Canaan. “The Israelites had secured effective control of Canaan and the Transjordan. Although it seems these battles practically happened overnight, Canaan’s conquest actually required about six to seven years. Israel’s victory was really God’s victory, for God used Israel as his instrument to judge Canaan’s unbelieving people.” (From Encountering the Old Testament by Bill Arnold and Bryan Beyer)

Next up the children of Israel are allotted their land inheritance. Keep reading.

(Joshua 10:1-12:6)

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