From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 3/11:

Today the Lord tells Moses about the land which the remaining 9 1/2 tribes will inherit once they come into Canaan. The Levites are given 48 cities scattered throughout the inheritance of the tribes of Israel, of which, 6 are cities of refuge. If a person accidentally kills someone they can flee to the city of refuge for protection until the trial so that a family member cannot avenge the death of the victim. If the person is deemed innocent at the trial he is to remain in the city of refuge until the high priest dies. After the death of the high priest he can return back home. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”. (Psalm 46:1)

So a few days ago we learned that the Lord granted Zelophehad’s daughters’ request for their father’s land inheritance. Today the Lord commands that these daughters must marry within their tribe of Manasseh. “So the inheritance of the children of Israel shall not change hands from tribe to tribe, for every one of the children of Israel shall keep the inheritance of the tribe of his fathers.” The daughters did as the Lord commanded. God is keeping with His promise that He made to Abraham back in Gen 17:8. “And I will give to you and to your offspring after you the land of your sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession, and I will be their God.”

Tomorrow we start the book of Deuteronomy which contains the final instructions from Moses before he dies and before the Israelites enter Canaan. Keep reading.

(Numbers 34:1-36:13)

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