From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 3/8:

Today we meet the daughters of Zelophehad. They go before Moses, Eleazar the priest, and the leaders of all the congregation with a request to inherit the land of their deceased dad. This was a bold move! 💪Moses, once again proves to be a wise leader, and brings the request of the women of the congregation before the Lord. The Lord, once again proves to be fair, just and gracious, by honoring the request of women “in the church”. He not only honors the request from the daughters of Zelophehad but He also makes a new rule for ALL the children of Israel, that the inheritance of a deceased father with no sons goes to the daughter. See, stepping out boldly in faith pays off for you and others! 🙌

Next the Lord tells Moses he can see the promised land but reminds him that he won’t enter it due to his rebellion with the water and the rock. Moses, still concerned for the people, asks the Lord to give the Israelites a leader and the Lord says to take Joshua and inaugurate him. After the inauguration of Joshua, Moses gives the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual laws of the sacrificial system and worship of the Lord to the new generation of the Israelites who are camped outside the promised land.

The Israelites are going to have to fight hard to conquer the land so Moses is assuring them that they will settle into the land but they need to keep their eyes on the Lord during the battles as well as when they get to their new homes. But first, before the conquest of the land, the Israelites have some unfinished business to settle. Tomorrow they take revenge on the Midianites for using their women to make them stumble with idolatry and sexual sin. Keep reading.

(Numbers 27:1-29:40)

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