From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 2/11:

Moses has been at the top of Mount Sinai 40 days and 40 nights receiving the 10 commandants and other instructions regarding the tabernacle and the priests. Then the Lord tells Moses to go down from the mountain bc the people have corrupted themselves. So Moses comes down with the stone tablets and finds the people in a full blown party worshipping a golden calf. In anger, Moses casts down the stone tablets and breaks them. Then he turns the calf into powder and makes the children of Israel drink it. When Moses questions Aaron, Aaron basically says the people made him do it and he just threw their gold in the fire and out popped this golden calf. 🤨 Sure Aaron. We all know you made that gold calf. Anyway, the Levites team up with Moses and the Lord and they killed 3,000 of the calf idol worshippers. Moses went back to the Lord to intercede for the people. God sends a plague on the people and tells Moses He will send an Angel to go before them into the promise land but God can not be in the presence of these stiff-neck people! Moses refuses to go without the Lord. Smart man! So Moses goes back up Mount Sinai another 40 days and 40 nights with 2 new stone tablets. The Lord says He will go with them but He also says DO NOT make covenants with the people around them or worship their gods! Have the children of Israel learned their lesson with the golden calf incident? Keep reading to find out.

(Exodus 32:1-34-35)

#bibleliteracymovement #chronologicalbibleteaching

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