From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 1/14:

Joseph, Rachel’s oldest, is Jacob’s favorite son and that doesn’t sit well with his brothers. The Lord gives Joseph dreams about the future where one day he will rule over his family…this just adds fuel to the fire. The now infuriated brothers plot to kill Joseph but Judah says why kill Joseph when we can profit off him. So they sell Joseph to Midianite traders (descendants of Abraham’s and Keturah’s son Midian). Take note of whose idea it was to profit off Joseph’s life. Yep. Judah is on a faith journey like the rest of us.

Judah married a Canaanite woman and they had 3 sons. First son, Er, married Tamar but God kills Er bc he was wicked. So in accordance with levirate marriages, Judah marries his second son, Onan, to his brother’s widow, Tamar, but Onan “emitted on the ground, lest he should give an heir to his brother”. Well, God found this to be wicked and killed him too.😬 Yikes! Of course Judah blamed Tamar for his sons’ deaths so he withheld the third son. But Tamar had an idea! 💡 She disguised herself as a harlot and boom…Judah sleeps with Tamar and they have twins, Perez and Zerah. King David and, ultimately our Savior, come from Pérez’s lineage. Jesus has a really messy family tree.

Ok, back to Joseph. Potiphar’s wife tries to sleep w him but then lies and says he tried to sleep w her so Joseph lands in jail. Man, Joseph has had it rough but the Lord is with him through all of it! Keep reading to see how the Lord grows Judah, elevates Joseph, and saves the nations! Our God is faithful in the mess and is always working behind the scenes for our good and His glory!

(Genesis 37:1-38:30, 1 Chronicles 2:3-6, 8, Genesis 39:1-23)

#bibleliteracymovement #chronologicalbibleteaching

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