From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 1/7:

Without instruction from the Lord, Abraham made a decision based on sight and not faith when he fled to Egypt during a famine. This is probably when he picked up Hagar the Egyptian servant and we know what they did together.🙈 Ishmael, son of the bondwoman, enters the scene. This was not God’s plan. (Galatians 4) God makes clear that Isaac will be the promised son whom God will use to carry out His redemption plan.

Today Abraham gets some wins!! 👏👏We know that Abraham’s faith has grown bc he listens to the Lord regarding Hagar and Ishmael by sending them away per his wife’s, Sarah, request. Next, the Lord tests Abraham and we see just how much he now trusts the Lord. Abraham is willing to sacrifice Isaac believing that God would even raise him from the dead (Hebrews 11:17-19) to fulfill the promises made to him. But God doesn’t make Abraham sacrifice his son. That is not the Lord’s plan. God is going to be the One that has to sacrifice His Son for us.

We also learn that Sarah dies and Isaac marries Abraham’s brother’s granddaughter, Rebekah. And so the Story continues… Will Isaac make the same mistakes his dad made? Keep reading.

(Genesis 21:8-23:20, Genesis 11:32, Genesis 24:1-67)

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