From today’s reading in the One Year Chronological Bible dated 1/3:

First thing Noah does when he gets off the boat is build an altar to the Lord. Why? Because we must come to God His way which was established in the garden when He killed an innocent animal to cover Adam and Eve after the fall. God showed us that the blood of the innocent must be shed to cover our sins. This is a picture of the perfect, spotless lamb to come to die on the cross for our sins. Abel understood this as he came to the Lord His way and we see Noah understands this as well. Brace yourself because there are about to be a lot of animals killed throughout this Story before Jesus comes in the form of man to die for us! (Ok, after the altar Noah did get drunk. I know, I didn’t learn that in Sunday school class either but go easy on Noah. He just witnessed the entire world including his neighbors, friends, extended family and everything else outside of the ark die. I can not imagine but our gracious God settles their fears by placing a rainbow in the sky and telling them they would never have to go through that again and this rainbow will be a reminder. God is good all the time!)

(Genesis 7:1-10:5, 1 Chronicles 1:5-7, Genesis 10:6-20, 1 Chronicles 1:8-16, Genesis 10:21-30, 1 Chronicles 1:17-23, Genesis 11:27-14:24)

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